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Simplifying Whatsapp Web
Improve Your Productivity

Zen Mode

Zen Mode is a chrome extension that follows you on all websites you use, and simplifies their usage. We protect you from distractions, help you be more productive, relaxed and focused.


See beta version (+ contact us for access to bleeding edge alpha version)

Current features


  1. Zen Mode - 1-click zoom in on a specific conversation while hiding all the rest. No more distractions when 5 people text you while you’re in an intimate moment with your partner.

  2. Hide distracting conversations and groups. Don’t be distracted by your kid’s kindergarten group when you don’t want to.

  3. Smart Mute - mute all sound, except the voice & video messages you choose to play.

  4. Zen Morning - start your morning zoomed in on a favorite conversation. Before you start your morning replying to other people’s messages, take a moment and focus on a significant other, or a group with your self or with your therapist. Take a moment, focus, and only after that respond to others.

Upcoming Features


  1. Auto transcribe - any incoming voice messages you receive are automatically transcribed into text. Click them to see the full text of the messages instead of wasting time listening to long messages.

  2. See many more upcoming features on github.

Other Platforms

While we’re starting with Whatsapp Web, the next platform in development is Trello.

Further ahead we will look at Messenger, Telegram, Gmail & more.

Open Source

Zen Mode is currently completely open source. Client side will always be open source (currently there is no server, only client).


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